Friday, January 13, 2017

Flooring / Tile Selections

After signing with Ryan Homes, you have 14 days to meet with Rite Rug to make tile / flooring selections. It was so hard to choose. I will say they had a lot more selections than I anticipated. However, I was a bit disappointed as they have predetermined sets of wall and floor tile and there is NO mixing and matching.

Flooring in Living Areas
We decided on wood flooring in all of the living areas (excluding bedrooms and bathrooms).  We initially selected level B hardwood, but were hoping we would find a level A wood that we loved so that we could say some $ for other options (potentially a bathroom in the basement).  But no such luck.  With level A hardwood, there are only 5 colors (see below at the top of the right photo).  It's still really nice wood, but the options were all light and it was only another $1000 to do level B.

In level B, they have engineered hand-scraped (left) and solid wood pre-finished (right). There were many colors to choose from for both.

ryan homes level b wood flooring

bruce dundee

I initially wanted hand-scraped engineered floors, but they just look a little too engineered and can't be refinished whereas the other one can be.  The bottom two are the ones we're trying to decide between; I've leaning towards the mocha (bottom right), but haven't quite decided.

Master Bath / Shower Tile and Floors We originally selected level 3 tile, which is an upgrade of $1875.  From the level 3 options, I really only found one that I liked (below)... I like the color and size of both tiles below, but they only install the 12x9 vertically, which I'm not a huge fan of.  So we're looking into the possibility of having it installed in a brick pattern.

riterug flooring

We decided to considered the level 4 as it's only $500 to upgrade.  I found the one below, where I love the 12x24 floor tile, but am not crazy about the 12x12 tile for the walls. And I don't know if it might be took much having the floors and wall tile being grey..?

rite rug flooring

Then I found a subway tile with 12x24.  I love the floor tile, but am not sure about subway. Wondering if it will be a pain to clean with all that grout...

riterug flooring

So we narrowed it down to those three.  I keep looking at the photos everyday, but still haven't come to a decision.

Guest / 2nd Bath We originally selected level 1, but I fell in love with the 12x24, which is level 3 and only $50 more to do!

We decided to leave at the base level as I don't really like the other selections.  So we're planning to change out later.

So I ended up making all of two choices.  ha.  So we have another appointment coming up to review current selections and finalize...I hope.

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