Sunday, January 29, 2017

Master Bath Details - Ryan Homes Spring Manor

Ryan Homes Spring Manor selections

We opted to do the soaking tub with shower (layout below) for our master bath.  It was a bit expensive to do, but having a tub for me was nonnegotiable. Below are all the selection details.

Cabinets: Timberlake Sonoma in Maple Espresso
As far as the cabinets, we were originally planning to do level 2, but it was only $100 more to do level 3, so we decided on the Sonoma maple espresso. With the soaking tub option, it changes from a single vanity to two separate, so I am looking forward to having my own space!

Faucets / Fixtures: All from the Delta Linden bathroom collection
I'm not a huge fan of the faucets and it was $1000 to upgrade to nickel, so we decided to leave as is and are planning to change out at some point (I keep saying we'll do after we close, but that list is growing and this isn't a huge priority).

Shower Faucets: Delta Linden Shower Faucet
Bath Faucets:Delta Linden Roman Tub Faucet
Sink Faucets : Delta Linden Sink Faucet
Toilet Paper Holder:  Delta Leland Toilet Paper Holder
Towel Bar: Delta Linden Towel Bar 

Lights: Progress Lighting Bravo Collection Vanity Fixture
Again not a huge fan, so I've been looking for alternatives and we can change out at some point. I've been collecting ideas on my Bathroom Pinterest Board.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Kitchen Details - Ryan Homes Springmanor

Finally, it's all starting to come together! We finalized all our selections this week after two meetings with Rite Rug. Details and links below.
Springmanor Kitchen

Cabinets: Timberlake Sonoma Painted Linen  These are level 2. Pretty much my dream cabinets!

Counter tops: Luna Pearl granite, which is level 1. Love this color, but not excited about the possibility of having a seam in the island.  All the models we saw and a recently finished Spring Haven (the previous version of the Springmanor) had a solid slab on the island. However, two friends of ours are also building with Ryan and they have seams in their islands. We pushed to get a seamless slab, but were told it was out of their hands and that the company that installs the granite is saying it's not a possibility. So depending on how it turns out we may be changing out the island counter top after we close.

Appliances: All GE. These were included as part of a promotion, so we decided to leave as is. I don't love the dishwasher as it has black on the front, but it will be in the island and not all that visible.  I love that the refrigerator has an MWF filter, which is supposed to filter out lead and other contaminants from water.

Range: JGB645SEKSS
Microwave: JVM7195SKSS
Refrigerator: GSE25GSHSS
Dishwasher: GDF510PSJSS

Flooring:  Bruce Red Oak Solid Hardwood 3 1/4 in. plank in Mocha, which is level B. I am super excited about the floors. My husband loved this color from the beginning, but I wasn't sure at first if it was too dark.  We compared to the floors in our current house and they are very similar.

Pendant Lights:  Progress Lighting - Bravo Collection Brushed Nickel These are the standard pendant lights, but this was an added option.  Not sure I love these, but we'll have to see.

Faucet: Delta Leland This is the standard faucet; while it's a really nice faucet I want something a little more modern looking, so we are planning to change out after we close.

Cabinet Hardware:  TBD.  You can only choose one type, pulls or knobs; they don't do a combination. I want knobs on the doors and pulls on the drawers, so we're planning to do after we close. There are quite a few, so we'll have our work cut out, but it will be worth it!

If you have any suggestions on faucets or cabinet hardware, please let me know!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Our Selections - Ryan Homes Springmanor

Just about two weeks ago we signed with Ryan Homes to build our dream home!  We still have to finalize all selections / colors, but below are the current options we have selected.

Springmanor model (3 bedroom, 2 bathroom ranch)
Elevation A with brick front
3-car side entry
Floodlight on back of house

Main Living Areas
Bruce 3 1/4 plank hardwood

Level 2 cabinets
Level 1 granite
Pendant Lights
Stainless steel appliances gas range hook up

Friday, January 13, 2017

Flooring / Tile Selections

After signing with Ryan Homes, you have 14 days to meet with Rite Rug to make tile / flooring selections. It was so hard to choose. I will say they had a lot more selections than I anticipated. However, I was a bit disappointed as they have predetermined sets of wall and floor tile and there is NO mixing and matching.

Flooring in Living Areas
We decided on wood flooring in all of the living areas (excluding bedrooms and bathrooms).  We initially selected level B hardwood, but were hoping we would find a level A wood that we loved so that we could say some $ for other options (potentially a bathroom in the basement).  But no such luck.  With level A hardwood, there are only 5 colors (see below at the top of the right photo).  It's still really nice wood, but the options were all light and it was only another $1000 to do level B.

In level B, they have engineered hand-scraped (left) and solid wood pre-finished (right). There were many colors to choose from for both.

ryan homes level b wood flooring

bruce dundee

I initially wanted hand-scraped engineered floors, but they just look a little too engineered and can't be refinished whereas the other one can be.  The bottom two are the ones we're trying to decide between; I've leaning towards the mocha (bottom right), but haven't quite decided.

Master Bath / Shower Tile and Floors We originally selected level 3 tile, which is an upgrade of $1875.  From the level 3 options, I really only found one that I liked (below)... I like the color and size of both tiles below, but they only install the 12x9 vertically, which I'm not a huge fan of.  So we're looking into the possibility of having it installed in a brick pattern.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

New Year's Resolution

Stop Procrastinating!

Motto for 2017: Just Do It Now

As I thought about what my New Year's resolution for 2017 would be, all of things that I wanted to do (or stop doing) all had one thing in common: procrastination.  Whether it's doing dishes, laundry, cleaning, working out, planning meals, or eating healthier, I put them all off.  And when I procrastinate it's constantly on my mind, continuous mental dread, watching the clock to see how much time is left in the day to get it done, which all prevent me from enjoying the things I'm doing while procrastinating.  So it's all around bad.

If you have any tips that have helped you stop procrastinating I would love to hear!

What is your New Year's resolution?

Sunday, January 1, 2017

We did it! Building with Ryan Homes

Friday, at the eleventh hour, we decided to build a new home with Ryan Homes!  We are beyond excited (and slightly terrified)!  We are building in Windsor Estates in Liberty Township, Ohio.

After much debate, we chose the Springmanor model, which is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch.  We had been set on buying a ranch until we walked through the model, a Bateman, which has the most gorgeous kitchen / living room.  In the end, we went back to the ranch as I just think the Bateman is too much house for us (and more house means more cleaning, which I loathe).  We went with elevation A with brick and side-entry garage.

The only thing I don't love is that we haven't actually seen it in person.  We've been in similar floor plans from other builders, but this is a new floor plan and there haven't been any built in our area yet.

I'll be posting our current selections in the next few days.  Next up is meeting with the flooring company and making color selections!  Super excited for that.

We have 7 days to make structural changes and 14 days to make other changes, so would love to hear your thoughts on must haves, things you regret not doing, etc.!