Sunday, February 12, 2017

We Have a Start Date!

When we signed with Ryan Homes, we were told they would start construction on our home around March 20th, but a week and a half ago we got a call saying they would be starting early on February 15th!  Crazy! I guess with the mild winter we've had they are ahead of schedule. So we are scheduled to have our pre-constuction meeting Monday.

With it being so warm today, we went to look at the lot expecting that they should have the house staked out by now. It's amazing the progress that's been made on our street; two weeks ago there was just one house that was up, but now an additional three are up and the foundations poured on two others.

We've been trying to decide if we want to have them clear additional trees or not, so having the house staked out finally gave us a sense of how big the backyard would be. With having the side-entry three car garage, our house sits pretty far back (all the houses have a 50 foot set back from the street to the front-most part of the house).  I initially was against having them remove any more trees as once it's gone there's no putting woods back.  Yes, you can plant trees as my husband said, but it's just not the same as mature trees.

However, after walking the lot today, I do think we will have them clear some of the woods. A big part of the reason for us moving was so that our dogs would finally have a good size yard to run in and as of now it's not quite as big as I had hoped. At the very end of the woods it's mostly honeysuckle anyway, so I'm ok with losing that, but would like to have them leave the big trees.  So we'll find out on Monday if that's a possibility.

While we were there, we were also able to walk through another Springmanor two doors down that had just finished being framed in.  As this is a new floor plan we've never actually been in one, which is a bit crazy, right?  It was super exciting to see and we were able to get a better sense of the actual size of things! 

Looking forward to Monday's meeting and to get a better idea of when we might close!

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