Monday, April 20, 2015

My First Birchbox

So I finally signed up for Birchbox!  Was super excited to get my first box and definitely was not disappointed.

Supergoop. Cynthia Rowley. Beauty Protector. Harvey Prince Hello. Beekind.

Below are the products I received in my first Birchbox.

Supergoop!® Daily Correct CC Cream ​SPF 35+ - Light to Medium

I fell in love with this!  I have been a cult follower of Bare Minerals for years, but have been looking for something with more coverage as I'm starting to age(ugh) and notice signs of rosacea(double ugh).  This is fragrance free and is SPF 35 with no oxybenzone!  yay!  It is very light, but provides nice coverage. It is easy to apply and matched my skin perfectly due to its magical self-adjusting-ness.  Love love love.  I just purchased the full size.

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle

Not a fan of this.  I really wanted to love this.  It had rave reviews on, but I couldn't get past the scent.  It is very perfumy and the last thing I want to put on my fresh clean hair is something that's heavily perfumed.  I also didn't find that it helped with detangling. 

Cynthia Rowley Beauty Eyeliner - Black

I really liked this!  It was creamy and easily glided on.  It stayed in place and was long lasting.  

Harvey Prince Hello Body Cream

Smells really good and made my skin super soft.  A little bit goes a long way; I only use a small pea size dollop for my hands. Otherwise, I found the scent a bit overpowering.

BeeKind™ Shampoo

This was just ok.  It has a light lemony scent.  I had to use quite a bit of product(a large palm full) to feel like my hair was clean.  I do like that it's less chemically than other shampoos, but I'm a little(or a lot) frugal and I don't think I would pay $15(for 8 oz) for something that I have to use a lot of to get my hair clean.

Very happy I finally subscribed to Birchbox.  Love getting to try new products.  Looking forward to what's next to come!

Did you get any of these same products in your Birchbox?  Would love to hear your thoughts.  Or if you received different products and what you thought about those.

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